Brand Identity and Development for one of London’s Finest Hotels

08 Beaumont_Gormley_ROOM_Exterior_Stephen-White_MR.jpg

Jeremy King, CEO of Corbin & King, approached Sarah Miller and Partners to provide strategic advice as he developed the concept and direction for The Beaumont hotel. The hotel’s chosen location was a Listed 1926 garage and King was keen to create a sense of legacy and heritage within the building, whilst creating a modern hotel with a difference. 

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With their in-depth knowledge of the international hotel world, Sarah Miller and Partners were able to act as a sounding board on all elements of the development process as they were being discussed and elaborated, from the number of rooms down to interiors, the spa/ hammam, the uniforms, the amenities, the marketing collateral, the website and its content. Sarah Miller and Partners provided feedback at key stages, were involved in several significant staff appointments and made some important introductions to the management team. This led to the successful opening of one of London’s great hotels.